Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Hot Water Heater

My building got a a new hot water heater.  On the 24th a note was posted that there would be no hot water from 3 PM Tuesday until 3 PM Thursday.  Now, why on earth couldn't this happen during the three weeks that I'll be in the USA?

The new hot water heater
Well, when I got home on Tuesday my flat still had hot water.  But when I got home from work on Wednesday there was no more hot water.  It really was a lot of fun having to boil water in the kettle so that I could shave in the mornings.  Yeah, right. 

A friend said that it was no big deal.  I would just have to boil lots of water for the bath tub like people used to have to do.  That's great except that my flat doesn't have a bathtub.  There's just a shower.  By the way, those cold showers really sucked.  By this morning the hot water was back and I enjoyed my super long hot shower.

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