Thursday, August 9, 2012

2012 Golden Sand Festival

Back in June, Náměstí Svobodý (Freedom Square) played host to the Golden Sand Festival.  Apparently this is the largest sand sculpture festival in Central Europe.  Five international artists competed for top honors.  Special sand from the Netherlands was used and the 3-meter (9 foot) sculptures will remain until the end of August. 

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A panel judges were to select the best sculpture on June 3rd.  And maybe they did.  But in July, I went with Claudia and Norbert to the square and we submitted our votes.  So perhaps there was a judges pick and a popular pick.  The website is only in Czech (and Slovak) and doesn't say who the winner was.

Martin Pokorný from Slovakia submitted "Climb Down".  This one wasn't my favorite.

Niels Vegter from the Netherlands submitted "The Dancer".

Ulrich Bäntsch from Germany submitted "All Walter World".  This piece is about individuals in different social situations and how we are all forced to deal with a society that surrounds us.

Radovan Živný from Czech Republic submitted "Uncertainty of Being".  Even though the artist is Czech he has been living in working in Portugal for the last 10 years.

The entry from Italy as my favorite.  Gianni Schiumarini submitted "Essence of Women".  The ball represents perfection and beauty.  The thorns are there to protect the fragile beauty of women.  Or something to this effect.  I just liked the look of the sculpture so it got my vote.

While not part of the competition there was also a sand sculpture for Brno's Kometa hockey team who recently won the Czech championships.

Note:  Click on each photo to get a better look at the details.

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