Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Travel Health Insurance

I'm still getting ready for my trip back home.  I made sure that yesterday I sorted out some travel insurance.  I have great healthcare over here but my VZP card isn't going to work in the USA.

In 2010, in the USA, the average cost for a hospital stay was $14,662 while the average price for an emergency room visit was $1,327.

The travel insurance was very easy to get.  Yeah!  I did everything on line (and in Czech!).  For 27 days of coverage my premium is 2,088 Kč ($110.67).  I'm covered for the following:

Health Coverage
Medical expenses - 2M Kč ($106,000)
Dental expenses - 5,000 Kč ($265)

Liability insurance for damage
Health 2M Kč ($106,000)
Property - 1M Kč ($53,000)
Financial - 500,000 Kč ($26,500)

Accident insurance
Disability 200,000 Kč ($10,600)
Death 100,000 Kč ($5,300)

Insurance of personal belongings - 10,000 Kč ($530)

Hospitalization daily coverage 200 Kč ($10.60)

I'm sure that I won't need health care while in the USA.  But with the high cost of medical services there is just no way I can risk not having travel insurance.  Knock on wood that I won't need to use it

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