Monday, March 26, 2012

Loosova Bus Stop

After our day of horseback riding on Saturday, we walked through Brno's Lesná district and I saw the funkiest bus stop ever. 

The Loosova bus stop is for buses #57 and #66 (and night bus #92).

The stop looks like a giant octopus and was inspired by late-Czech architect Jan Kaplický.

Apparently, the design was to be used for the Czech National Library building in Prague but the project was blocked by some folks who felt it was a bit too outrageous.

I like the groovy thing.  Definitely a lot more than the cock clock.  It even has an anti-graffiti coating on it.  Yeah!


  1. awww.. i used to live in Lesna - my first flat in Brno and last stop on the #9 and #11 trams. I have a lot of fond memories. Trying to remember the Loosava bus stop..the 57 bus rings a bell. *sigh* i miss it, lol..thanks for sharing!

  2. DOX, the fabulous contemporary art museum in Prague, had a magnificent exhibit completely devoted to Kaplický's work. If the library had been built, it would have been a signal to the world, the Czech Republic is BACK, baby! Post-Soviet timidity banished forever.