Friday, April 8, 2011


Since my work permit was renewed for two years it's now time to apply for an extension to my visa (long-term residency permit).

Since I'm not an EU citizen I have to jump through all of the same hoops I did last year in order to get my Schengen visa renewed. But this year it was a bit easier to get the required documents. The chica that handles the visas at IBM told me to visit a CzechPoint office. What a great time-saver! I wish someone had told me about this last year. But then I might not have the same appreciation for just how much bureaucracy I got to skip this year.

CzechPoint is basically a one-stop shop for various government documents. They have locations all over the city, mostly in municipal buildings. I only had to go to one office to get my land registry statement and the business registry license for my apartment building. They were even able to make the notarized copies of all of my other documents.

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