Saturday, April 16, 2011

Serbian Military Museum

The Military Museum was founded in 1878 and is inside Belgrade's Kalemegdan fortress. Outside of the museum are tanks, howitzers and armored cars that kids love to play on.
It’s a small museum with about 3,000 items. There are Roman and Greek swords and helmets, Serbian armor, and other medieval weapons. Everything in the museum is in Serbian with maybe 25% in English too.
Later on there is a display on WWI. It covers the events that led up to the war, tells about Serbia during and after the war. Then the same thing for WWII. There is an exhibit about Tito and the founding of Yugoslavia. This is followed by an exhibit about the UN and how Yugoslav troops served on peacekeeping missions in the Middle East and Africa.
This is immediately followed by an exhibit about how Serbia was bombed by NATO, primarily by the USA. The is even part of a U.S. Air Force uniform and part of a U.S. F-117 stealth aircraft that was shot down. The odd thing about this exhibit is that there was no historical background presented like in the other exhibits. All it says is that Serbia was bombed by NATO in the 90s. No reason why or for how long. Just a bit of historical whitewashing and then you come to the exit. Shady.

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