Monday, January 17, 2011

St. Michael's Church

Kostel svatého Michala (St. Michael's Church) is a baroque Catholic church in Olomouc. It was originally constructed in the 13th century and reconstructed in 1707. Around the church are columns with the Statues of the Painful Rosary. They were built around 1735 and moved to St. Michael's around 1904. There is a Dominican monastery adjacent to the church.

The exterior is a bit plain but the interior is incredibly beautiful.

Down in the crypt of the adjoining seminary is a small prayer area and a fresh water spring.

There is a great view of the town from the top or the bell tower. The Nazis seized and melted down the original bell towers during WWII. They have finally been replaced over the last few years.
The St. Jan Sarkander bell was the first bell replaced and it is the smallest. It was dedicated in 2007 and weighs 600 kg (~1,320 lbs). It cost 400 000 Kč (~$17,925).

The second bell was also replaced in 2007. It is dedicated to St. Zdislava - the Patron Saint of Families. It weighs 800 kg (~1,760 lbs) and cost 600 000 Kč (~$26,900).

The third bell is dedicated to St. Michael - the Archangel. It was replaced in 2008. It is 1.918 kg (~4,220 lbs) and it cost 1 115 000 Kč ($51,530).

The fourth and largest bell is dedicated to the Virgin Mary - the Protectress of the Unborn. It was dedicated in 2009. It weighs 2.720 kg (~5,984 lbs) and cost 1 600 000 Kč (~$71,670).

The nice thing is that you can tour the church, the bell tower, and the crypt all for free.


  1. We have lived in Brno for almost 7 years now but have not seen half the things that you have! These bells are beautiful. Nathan

  2. I agree with Nathan from Czech Point. Your energy and the amount of things you see is incredible!

  3. Thanks. Whenever the day comes for me to leave Euroland I just don't want to regret not making the most of it.