Monday, January 10, 2011


Carmen is my favorite opera. Written by Georges Bizet, the story takes place around 1820 in Seville, Spain. Carmen is a beautiful Gypsy with a fiery temper. She pursues a soldier until he falls in love with her but then she leaves him for another man. The soldier because so jealous that he kills her in the end. The story may sound a little harsh but the music is just incredible.

Claudia knew that Carmen is my favorite and, for Christmas, surprised me with a ticket. Yeah!! The opera was yesterday. We met some friends at Janáčkovo divadlo (Janáček Theater) for drinks before the show. This performance had a lot of energy and the music was great.

The operas in Brno are pretty good and people normally come from as far as Vienna because the performances are good and much cheaper than in Austria. . The only drawback is that the subtitles are only in Czech. So if an opera is in French or Italian, with Czech subtitles, then you had better research the story before you go.

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