Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sabine's Birthday

Yesterday was Sabine's birthday so a few of us went out to dinner to celebrate. With it being Christmas week a lot of people were already out of town but we had a nice time.

We started off in a wine bar for a drink and then went next door for a great dinner at Koishi, by far the best sushi place in Brno.

One thing that I don't understand over here is going out for someone's birthday. In the ČR, (Slovakia and Germany too), the tradition is that when you invite people out for your birthday, you (the birthday boy/girl) pays for everyone.

This is the exact opposite of how we do it in the USA. I'm used to all of the guests paying a little extra so that the birthday person does not have to pay for anything. After all, it's that person's birthday. Why the hell should you have to pay for everyone on your own birthday? Natalie said that they do it the US way in New Zealand too.

Sabine tried to pay since she invited us out for dinner. But we weren't having any of that. Fortunately, Natalie, Mariya and I were able to convince her into letting us buy dinner.

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