Monday, December 13, 2010

Advent Brunch

Sabine and Natalie hosted an advent brunch at their flat yesterday. There was plenty of good food and mulled wine to go around. And I had my first "proper" flapjacks with syrup in over 18 months!! So dang yummy.

There were people from the ČR, Germany, New Zealand, Scotland, Ukraine, Hungary and the USA. I enjoy these multicultural gatherings because there is always something new to learn.

The tree was decorated but apparently it was too early for Europeans. In the USA most people have their Christmas trees up by December 1 and they come down right after New Year's. In Europe, the tree is decorated on December 24th and it comes down on January 6th (Three King's Day).

We also had a secret Santa gift exchange. But here, it's not Santa that brings the gifts. Ježišek, the baby Jesus, puts the gifts under the tree. So after each person opens their gift we say "děkujeme Ježišku" - We thank you little baby Jesus.

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