Saturday, April 10, 2010

Steven & Michael's 2nd Visit

Steven & Michael are back in Europe. It's so good to see them and I can't believe that they were just here for Thanksgiving. They spent a few days in Munich, Germany, and Salzburg, Austria. Now they are staying a few days in Brno before heading to Prague and then back home to Atlanta.

Today has been a day of sightseeing. We went to Náměstí Svobody, then to the Capuchin Crypt to see the mummies, had lunch and then we went up to the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul (Petrov). We even stumbled upon some sort of "dragoncon" event at Moravské náměstí, complete with what looked like Irish folk dancing. Go figure...

They were just here for Steven's birthday in December and Michael's birthday is tomorrow. So logically, I think they need to come back in July for my birthday too. We're going out for dinner and dancing tonight to celebrate. I'm sure Sunday will be a recovery day. On Monday morning, the three of us are taking a day trip to Olomouc.

My boys soooo hooked me up. Since they flew over in business class they were able to carry extra bags and brought me all kinds of goodies. I felt like a little kid at Christmas!!! I got Stovetop stuffing, Splenda sugar packets, Splenda brown sugar, Jiffy corn bread mix, Spanish rice, Velvetta cheese, ziploc bags, kitchen trash bags, sunscreen, Febreze, black beans, pickle relish, mac 'n cheese, razor blades, Degree deodorant, Jiffy extra crunchy peanut butter, cold medicine, instant mashed potatos, Blistex, Q-tips, and angel hair pasta. Plus all kinds of seasoning packets...enchilada sauce, hollondaise sauce, taco seasoning, meatloaf seasoning, Italian dressing, ranch dressing, country gravy, Sloppy Joe mix, turkey gravy...

EDIT: Steven & Michael are scheduled to fly out of Prague on Sunday, 18.4. However, Czech airspace is closed due to the ash from the Iceland volcano. Currently, flights are closed until 11 AM CET on Monday, 19.4. I'm not sure when they will be able to get home.

EDIT: Steven & Michael are still stuck in Prague. But there are worse places than Prague to be stuck at. They were told they can fly Delta out Friday (23.4) for $6,200 or fly out on Saturday (24.4) for free. But the Saturday flight gets them to JFK. They then have to take a taxi to La Guardia to catch a flight back to Atlanta. Poor guys!!

EDIT: They finally made it back to Atlanta!! A full week late. Damn volcano.

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