Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Momo Sushi

My friend Kamila is always talking about going out for sushi so last night Rob and I joined her for dinner at Momo Sushi. I have been jonesing for sushi for the longest time. It's been about a year. Way too long for me.

I'm used to the real thing so I wasn't too sure about "Czech Republic white-boy sushi". I mean, seafood isn't the first thing you think about when it comes to Czech cuisine.

This is the first country I've ever lived in that doesn't have a navy. It is landlocked after all. And like I tell my colleagues...one guy on a raft at the Brno damn is not a navy.

You can order from the menu, from the sushi chef, or just take something off of the conveyor belt. The food was really good. It was a little expensive but not tragically overpriced. The only problem was that, because of the Iceland volcano, they didn't have any fresh tuna. Damn volcano! I'll definitely go back again soon for a spicy tuna roll.

EDIT:  Unfortunately, Momo Sushi closed in November 2012.  It is now a Subway sandwich shop.  Dang it!


  1. Chris, this was an especially funny post! No Navy. Good one. :-)

  2. Chris, Chris... Czech Rep. does not have any Navy but Brno is not a czech city but a Moravian one. And Brno has its sea (ocean?) too - http://www.mojebrno.wz.cz/inka--brno-nadrze-brnenska-prehrada.html
    Yes, I know, there is no water in our ocean for past two years due to some cleaning but it is a real sea with the real flottila on it!