Thursday, May 21, 2009

Waiting on Bureaucracy

In order for an American citizen to live and work in the ČR, one has to have both a work permit and a long-term residency permit (green card). IBM has hired a relocation company in Prague, International Business Support (IBS), to help facilitate my paperwork.

It takes 60 days for the Employment Administration Office (EAO) to issue a work permit (Povolení k zaměstnání). IBS e-mailed me today that I should have my work permit next week. Yeah! One step closer to moving.

To get a green card you have to provide a work permit or provide confirmation from the EAO that your employer has applied for a work permit. It takes 90 day (up to 120 days) to get a work permit. So apply for a green card as soon as you've applied for a work permit so you don't lose two months.

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  1. if you can handle working for a huge multinational company, you will handle Brno bureaucrats :)) good luck