Saturday, May 9, 2009


When I tell people that I'm moving to the ČR everyone automatically thinks I'm moving to Prague. Nope. I'm actually moving to Brno which is the second largest city. It is the country's judicial capital, the regional capital of Moravia, and home to six universities plus a medical school. The city only has about 370,000 people living there so that will be a shock. Especially considering Atlanta has over 5 million. Then again there are only 10 million people in the entire country and it is about the size of South Carolina.

But the location rocks!!! Brno is within 200 km of three European capitals - Prague, Vienna & Bratislava. Plus there are cheap, direct flights from Brno to Prague, London, Moscow, Rome, and Amsterdam.

Of course according to my seven year old niece, the best thing is that there's a castle where Uncle Chris is moving to. I think my niece Emme is already having princess dreams about the castle in Brno.

Here's a link to information about Brno in English.

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  1. Helo Christopher, welcome to Czecho - fingers crossed for a smooth passage through the bureocratic maze, after which I am sure you will love it here. Like everywhere else there's a good and not so good side to living here, but Brno is great, the Moravian countryside is stunningly beautiful, and Moravian people generally lovely and warm-hearted, just like their wine :-)
    All the best from Salamander