Saturday, August 20, 2022

Church Exhibit at Petrov

Yesterday afternoon, Kája and I visited Petrov where they currently have an exhibit called "Under the protection of St. Václav - 400 years of distinguished collegiate chapters in Mikulov."

We hadn't planned to go check out this exhibit.  We were just talking a walk through the city and when we walked by the cathedral we noticed the sign for the exhibit which is running from 16.6. - 2.9.  

The displays were interesting and there was a woman who gave us about a 20 minute tour in Czech.  All of the exhibits were in Czech and German; but no English.  Adult admission to the exhibit is only 40 Kč (€1,80).

The exhibit was worth checking out.  It's always interesting to see religion in Czechland which prides itself on being the most atheist country in the world.  

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