Friday, January 15, 2021

Bankovní Identita

Bankovní Identita is a new banking identification system that is getting rolled out in Q1 of this year.   

The system will allow you to use your bank's electronic banking security methods to verify your identity.  Just use your Internet banking login details and you will be able to access more than 125 services on-line.

The system will allow people to electronically sign documents and automatically pre-fill forms which will reduce the amount of time people need to actually visit government offices.

People will be able to file taxes, deal with driver's licenses and vehicle registrations, get an extract from the criminal registry and deal with health insurance companies.  The census will be online and available in March.  I swear that anything that helps reduce Czech bureaucracy is a good and welcome thing.  

The Czech Banking Association has a commercial about it that I found on YouTube.  The commercial is a bit abstract in my opinion. 

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