Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Cigarette Tax Increase

From 1 March, the government increased taxes on cigarettes resulting in the biggest price hike in more than a decade.  A pack of cigarettes will increase by 10-13 Kč ($0.46 - $0.60).  For the first time ever, a the average price for a pack of cigarettes in the Czech Republic will be more than 100 Kč ($4.57).

The Ministry of Finance plans to raise taxes on cigarettes by 4 to 5 Kč per year through 2023.  Last year cigarette taxes contributed 56 billion crowns ($2.56 billion) to the state coffers.  The new tax increase should generate an extra 9 billion crowns ($411 million) this year.

The European Union banned flavoured cigarettes back in 2018 due to the appeal to young people.  

Menthol cigarettes fell under the ban on flavoured cigarettes but were given a two-year exemption.  

From 20 May 2020 menthol cigarettes will be banned across the entire EU.

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