Wednesday, October 2, 2019


GUAM is the Organisation for Democracy and Economic Development.  It's a regional block made up of Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, and Moldova - GUAM.

For a while it was GUUAM while Uzbekistan was a member.

The group's charter was signed in 2001 and it was formally established in 2006.  The headquarters are in Kyiv.

Its main goals are to strengthen democracy, ensure the rule of law, respect human rights, strengthen regional security and stability, deepen European integration and economic development.  The combined population of the member states is about 55 million people.

GUAM has a number of working partnerships including ones with the Czech Republic, the Visegrád Group, the USA, and with the EU.

In 2014, the group began to use English, instead of Russian, as a working language during its meetings.  I'm sure that this went over well with Russia as these are all former Soviet republics.

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