Wednesday, May 1, 2019

15 Years in the EU

Today is Labour Day.  It's also the 15th anniversary of Czechland, and nine other countries, joining the European Union.

2004 was the largest single accession of new members to EU with Czechland, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Malta, and Cyprus joining.

In 1993 the Czech Republic signed an Economic Association Agreement with the EU.  In 1996 the country formally submitted its application to join.

In 2003 Czechs voted in a nationwide referendum on joining the EU.  Only 55,2% of voters turned out to vote but 77,3% of those that did, supported joining.

I think that Czechs overall are happy about being in the EU.  Although they are required to one day adopt the Euro, and continue to meet all of the requirements to join the Eurozone, there's still no date for when it will happen.  Certainly not anytime soon.

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