Friday, September 21, 2018

Possible Train Station Names

Brno plans to move the main train station to a new location.  I'm not sure when it will open but I'm sure that it will take a couple of years at least.

The current station's name is Brno hlavní nádraží (Brno main station).  During the summer people were able to submit ideas for the new station's name.  Here are some of the top finalists...

Brno - Šalingrad
Vídeň - server
Praha - venkov
Brno - Nádraží Johanna Gregora Mendela
Nádraží Špilberk Brno
Brno hlavní nádraží
Brno - nádraží Járy Cimrmana
Brno - Jih (South)
Brno - Nova Centrum (New Centre)

Brno is a main stop on the Berlin-Prague-Vienna-Budapest route so calling the station "Vienna North" or "Prague Countryside" just isn't practical.  But they are cute especially if you appreciate the Czech sense of humour.

The best example of this is Šalingrad.  Brno has a unique local dialect called "hantec".  All across the country the Czech word for 'tram' is tramvaj but in Brno people say šalina.  When buying a tram ticket in Prague I've said šalina, and had the clerk call me Brnák (someone from Brno).  So Šalingrad is funny because it uses the word šalina and sounds like Stalingrad.  

Personally I think the best thing would be to keep calling the station 'Brno Main Station'.  However, something tells me that Šalingrad will give it a run for the money.  Let's see what happens in October during the final vote.

Update:  Well, Šalingrad came in first place.  The top three places went to (1) Brno-Šalingrad, (2) Brno - Hlavní nádraží, and (3) Nádraží Járy Cimrmana.

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