Saturday, August 11, 2018

Brno Scavenger Hunt

The gremlins were at it again.  I was out of the office for four days and came back to find my desk switched with Kasia's.

The pitchfork and pink high hells were nice touches.

Oh, the irony of being away at a diversity conference to come back to find pink high heels under your desk.  #cantwaitforpayback

On Thursday night we had a team scavenger hunt in the city centre.

The scavenger hunt was challenging but fun.  We discovered things about Brno that I'd never seen before.

Who knew that there was a samurai statue that overlooks the city?

Like last year, there is another umbrella display in the centre.  This time it celebrates Kometa, Brno's ice hockey team.  In 2017, they won country's top title and they're going for it again this year.

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