Friday, June 2, 2017

Irish National War Memorial Gardens, Dublin

The Irish National War Memorial Gardens is located near the River Liffey in Dublin.  It opened in 1940 and is dedicated to the memory of the 49,400 Irish soldiers who died in WWI.

It also commemorates the Irish who served in Irish regiments of the British, Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, South African and USA military.  In total over 300,000 Irish served in various armies during WWI.

The garden contains a sunken rose garden, terraces, pergolas, granite book rooms and tree-lined roads.  Some gravestones are present as well.

There is a domed temple with a granite war stone with an extract of a poem by Rupert Brooke.

Although Ireland was neutral in WWII, many Irish served in other allied armies.  The memorial was later updated to include those who died in WWII.

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