Saturday, September 17, 2016

Brno Water Crisis

Since Thursday, Brno residents have been advised not to drink the water.  Due to the recent hot weather there have been high levels of bacteria detected in the local water supply.

The problem was detected in the water outside of Brno in Žebětín and Komín.  The city advised boiling tap water prior to drinking it.

During the school year Brno has a population of 410,000 which meant that every store was completely sold out of bottled water.

Tap water in Czech Republic is safe to drink.  I do find it a bit chalky though which is why I use a Brita filtration pitcher.  During the ban, I boiled water prior to using the pitcher and I didn't have a problem.  I use my Brita everyday.  I always get my replacement filters in either Germany or Ireland because they are much cheaper than buying them locally.

The ban ended this evening at 6 PM.  Aside from a lack of bottled water in shops the biggest inconvenience for me was not being able to get coffee or tea at work but I probably drink too much caffeine anyway.

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