Sunday, February 28, 2016

Finally Moved In

Over the last month I've been moving things over to the new flat bit by bit.  Basically things I could live without until I was finally out of the old flat.  Claudia helped out with a few car runs after work a couple of times.  There were a couple of reasons for the phased approach.  One was I already have the new flat and I have the old flat until the end of March.  But the main reason was the bed.

My old flat came furnished but I didn't like the two single mattresses it came with.  So a few years ago I purchased a new mattress but I was still using my landlords's bed frame.  The new place came unfurnished but I purchased the bed frame from the previous tenant.  So I was't going to do the final move until I would be able to have my mattress in the frame.  Yeah, I know...first world problems.

Anyways...the chaps from ,who built my new furniture, showed up with a van and we moved everything over in a few hours.

I did feel great to actually spend the first night in my new place.  Although I was pretty close to the centre, my old place was pretty quite.  Now I know what quite really is.  This neighbourhood is very peaceful.  The only noise in the morning comes from the nearby church bells.

It's wonderful to be officially moved in and I've even had my first guests.  Helena, Claudia and Tünde stopped by this afternoon for coffee and cake.

I need to do a final cleaning at the old place and at the end of the month I'll turn over the keys to the landlords and sort out the security deposit.  While moving is one of my least favourite things at least now it's over and time to start nesting here.

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