Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Tree is Up

'Tis the season so my little Czech Charlie Brown Christmas tree is now up.  And thanks to Natalie and her mom I know all about Christmas crackers which helps fill up things under the tree.

It's been the normal busy holiday season.  In addition to Christmas parties and the recent VUT ball, there has been the usual rush to get things done.

My Christmas season actually starts in mid-November.  I always include advent calendars in the care packages that I send to my niece and nephew so I need to make sure that they arrive in the USA prior to 1 December.  I also try to get my holiday cards in the mail no later than the first week of December.  Not only because it usually takes about 10 days for a card to reach California from here but because the lines in the post office here in December go on forever. But at least here the main post office is open on Saturday and Sunday.

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