Monday, June 8, 2015

Blue Insurance Card

A few weeks ago I received a letter from my insurance provider that because I now have permanent residency in Czechland, I need to update my insurance card. 

Fine...but here's what I don't understand.  The company knows I need a new card but they won't request it until I give them my old card.  Which means that for a period of time I'm without an insurance card.  Why can't they order the new card, let me know when it's ready and immediately swap it out for my old card?  Loczech

So I go to the VZP office and give them my green insurance card (for non-EU citizens).  The clerk tells me that it will take six to eight weeks for my new card to be ready.  She gave me a piece of paper stating that I still have health insurance and that any doctor or hospital can call them to verify my coverage.  I'm glad that I took out travel insurance for my trip to the Stans next week.

Fortunately it only took two weeks for my card to be ready.  This time I've got a blue EU card.  The coverage is the same but I will miss my old green card.

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