Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Uganda of Europe

This weekend, Slovaks went to the voting polls to answer three questions.

1.  Do you agree that only a bond between one man and one woman can be called marriage?
2.  Do you agree that same-sex couples or groups should not be allowed to adopt and raise children?
3.  Do you agree that schools cannot require children to participate in education pertaining to sexual behavior or euthanasia if the children or their parents don't agree? 

Pope Francis has come out in support for three yes votes.  So sad.  Slovakia is now the Uganda of Europe. 

Only 21.3% (950,000 people) voted but ~90% voted "yes" for the first two questions.  I guess it's lucky that so many people went skiing this weekend because at least 50% of voter turnout is required for anything to pass. 

I have a problem with people voting on who is entitled, or not entitled, to human rights. 

Czechoslovakia decriminalized  same-sex sexual activity in 1962.  Today things are better for gay people in Czech Republic than they are in Slovakia.  While there is no gay marriage in Czechland, same-sex registered partnerships have been legal since 2006.  While not allowing for joint adoption, these registrované partnerství  allow for spousal privilege, inheritance, hospital and alimony rights.

Czech soldiers are not questioned about sexual orientation and gays are allowed to openly serve.  

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