Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Animal Sounds

Animals do not sound the same in different languages.  Every language has its own way of describing the sounds that different animals make.  For example, in English, dogs go "woof" (or "bow wow").  In Czech they go "haf haf".  English speaking cats go "meow" while Czech cats go "mňau".

Here are few more examples of English vs. Czech.

Chicks - "cheep cheep" vs. "píp píp"
Cows - "moo" vs. "bú"
Donkeys - "hee haw" vs. "iá iá"
Ducks - "quack quack" vs. "káč káč"
Frogs - "ribbit" vs. "kvák kvák"
Geese - "honk" vs. "ga ga"
Mice - "squeak" vs. "kvik"
Pigs - "oink oink" vs. "chroch chroch"
Roosters - "cock-a-doodle-doo" vs. "kykyryký"

It's funny to me that Czech frogs sound like English ducks but whatever.  For some good fun, get an international group of friends together, have a few drinks and then challenge each other to make animal sounds.  It will be a laugh riot.   

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