Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Der Weihnachtsmann

Today was Štědrý den, which is Czech Christmas (but to me it is still Christmas Eve).  With Claudia's parents down from Rahnsdorf we had a nice little German Christmas. 

As any good godfather would do, I dressed up like Santa Claus and brought presents.  Tünde liked unwrapping all of her presents but she did not care for Der Weihnachtsmann (German Santa Claus).  Every time she was passed to me for a photo she began to cry. 

But once Der Weihnachtsmann left and Uncle Chris showed up then everything was fine.  Perhaps the beard scared her. 

Some Czech friends have already posted on Facebook that Czechs don't have Santa.  While this is true I still have two reasons for dressing up.  First, we had a German Christmas so Santa was allowed.  And most importantly, there was no way that I was going to dress up like Little Baby Jesus to deliver presents.

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