Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tram Fine

I like buying the annual tram pass in Brno.  The yearly pass costs 4.750 Kč ($238) for unlimited transportation in Brno on all of the trams, buses and trolleys.  It's way cheaper then buying individual tickets.  Plus, with an annual pass, one person gets to travel with me for free on the weekends.

The only odd thing is that when you purchase an annual ticket, rather than giving you one ticket for the year, you receive four quarterly tickets.  Each ticket says that it is part of an annual ticket but you must carry the current quarter's ticket with you on the tram.  Well, I goofed up.  I forget to replace my previous ticket with the current ticket and was stopped yesterday by the undercover tram police.

Normally, riding without a valid ticket is a fine of 800 Kč ($40).  I was issued a ticket that said I was traveling without my current ticket.  With this, I had three days to go to the main office to show my valid pass and pay 50 Kč ($2.50).  Otherwise, I would have been liable for the full 800 Kč fine.

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