Friday, February 7, 2014

Medical Tourism

The Czech Republic has become the go to place for medical tourism.  This is due to a quality of care and low costs.

Czech Republic Ministry of Health

To become a doctor in Czechland, you have six years of university then spend two years as an intern before five years of residency.  There is then additional time required to specialize.

The average cost for a single, total knee replacement in Czechia is €7690 ($10,608).  In Germany it costs €11.450 ($15,794) and in the USA it would run €18.290 ($25,229).

Plastic surgery is what seems to bring in the tourists.  Breast augmentation is the most popular procedure; especially for Brits, Germans, Austrians and Russians.  Liposuction, face lifts, abdominal work and eyelid treatments are also popular procedures.

Given that anonymous sperm and egg donations are completely legal here, IVF treatments are very popular for couples wanting to conceive a child.

I suppose medical tourism makes sense.  For someone who wants to discretely have something done then a holiday in Czech Republic makes for a nice cover story. 

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