Monday, December 2, 2013

2013 World AIDS Day

Yesterday was World AIDS Day.

The government launched HIV testing in 1985.  Since then more than 1600 positive people have been registered.  Since not everyone gets tested it's assumed that the infection rate could be at least three times higher.

ČR doesn't spend a lot of money on HIV/AIDS prevention.

One thing that I don't understand, and haven't understood since I moved here, is why so many Czechs don't like to use condoms.

Statistics show that more than 1/3rd of Czechs don't use condoms.  Please wrap your willie before going outside.

Part of the reason may be because the younger generation isn't as afraid of AIDS as before.  Due to people living longer, there is a belief that living with HIV is just as manageable as living with Diabetes.  It's simply not the case.

The Czech AIDS Help Society provides information in Czech and English.  Here's one of their public service commercials I found on YouTube.

©Czech AIS Help Society

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