Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Overnight Train to Yerevan

Last night I took the overnight train from Tbilisi to Yerevan.

The train (#371) leaves on odd dates at 20:20 PM and arrives in Yerevan at 7 AM.

My name written in Russian

 You must have your passport in order to buy a ticket at the station.  All tickets for train travel between Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan are printed in Russian.

The train offers three classes of service.  Third class tickets are open plan sleepers.  Second class offers 4-berth sleepers while first class has 2-berth sleepers.  I opted for the first class option for 63,22 Lari ($38.37).  Not a bad price for both international transport and not having to pay for a night in a hotel.  

The cabin was old but still in decent condition.  The train attendants provided bed linen.  If only there had been a dining car.

At around 10:30 PM we got to the border.  The Georgian border guards collected our passports and walked through the train.  About an hour later our passports were returned.  We rode for a few minutes and then had to deal with the Armenian border guards.

This time everyone had to get off of the train while the guards inspected the train.  I was the first person whose passport they inspected.  When the guard asked for my visa I said that I have an e-Visa.  He had this digital monitor thing that read my passport but he still wanted some sort of visa so I gave him the photocopy of my Armenian e-Visa.  Then all of a sudden everything was fine.  It seems odd that I had to provide a photocopy of an electronic visa but no worries considering it worked.  After about an hour we were all back on the train and headed towards Yerevan.  The whole trip took almost 11 hours.  Now to check out Yerevan...

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