Thursday, February 21, 2013

Drum Circle Team Building

Yesterday, the managers in my department met offsite for a strategy session.  It was a productive afternoon and we got a lot done.  But the best part of it was that our manager surprised us afterwards with a brand new team building event.  We had a drum circle.  I love the unique team building ideas because I can only go bowling so many times.  

She had this guy come in and give us some basic instruction on the drum.  Some of us were a bit rhythmically challenged but most of us had it down in the end.  It was a lot of fun, especially after we got the hang of it.


We also got to listen to this guy play the fujara.  A fujara is a shepherd's flute that is played standing up.  It comes from central Slovakia and is also popular in south Moravia.  It is normally between 160 - 200 cm (5'3" - 6'6") long.  There are three holes on the lower part and you use your hand to manipulate the sound.  Here's what it sounds like... 

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