Wednesday, May 9, 2012


With the way that Czech holidays work over here, if a holiday falls on a weekend then you lose it.  So even though I almost at three years here in CZ, yesterday was my first day off for Liberation DayIt's a shame that I seemed to know more about it than some of my Czech friends did.

So with a day off yesterday I took the opportunity to go buy a new suit.  I must be starting to fit in now because I've been invited to three weddings over the next couple of months.  It's still a hassle trying to shop in Euro-sizes but I was overdue for a new suit.

After that I went on a short 8 km (5 miles) hike in Medlánky, which is the district north of Brno.  You can definitely tell that Spring is finally here due to all of the rapeseed around.   

The Czech Republic is among the top 10 producers of rapeseed.  It is used to make vegetable oil and diesel fuel.  When taking a train though the country right now you can see field upon field of this bright yellow flower.

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