Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jupiter Jones & My Glorious

Last night was my first German concert. I had never heard of either group before but it was a blast!! After dinner, we all went to Berlin's Astra Kulturhaus to see Jupiter Jones. Their opening act was My Glorious.

Jupiter Jones is a German punk rock band that came together in 2002. It's named after the young detective in the American adventure series The Three Investigators. The group has gone from being a small-town band to selling out major venues in Germany.

In August 2010, Jupiter Jones signed a record deal with Columbia Berlin (Sony).

In April 2011, their single Still was the most played German language song on German radio. Here's the video for Still that I found out on YouTube.

Here's last night's performance of Sonne? Scheint!

My Glorious is an Indie rock group out of Vienna. The trio consists of singer/guitarist Sami Goodenough from the UK and Austrian twins Gregor and Paul Sailer who play bass and drums respectively. They sing in both English and German.

Since coming together in 2008, they have played in Austria, Germany, the UK, Israel and the USA. Their debut album in 2008 did well on the US college radio charts. Here's their song Give Me Time. Enjoy!

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