Tuesday, May 17, 2011

1st Department BBQ

On Sunday, my department held its first Spring BBQ. The weather wasn't the best but we had fun. The morning started off a bit rainy but half of my team still managed to make it.

We rented a club house at a local park that had a grill, ping pong tables, and volleyball nets. If only the weather had been better and we could have played some volleyball. A few played badminton and we tossed some frisbees around.

Everyone agreed to bring some kind of meat and something extra. Well we definitely didn't need to worry about a lack of food. With all of the sausages, chicken and pork we had enough food to feed an army. But at least with all of the leftovers I'm sure that most people didn't have to cook for a day or two.

I'm glad that this turned out well in spite of the weather. Now to plan something else for my team in July or August.

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