Friday, November 26, 2010

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving 2

So last week I was in Turkey and now it's time to cook a turkey. I ordered a turkey from the same company as last year. They have moved their location to outside of Brno so that's where the adventure begins. The new location is in Židlochovice, about 10-15 minutes south of the city. Check out these directions... totally insane. Claudia and I had fun trying to get there before they closed at 3 PM.

Take the D2 highway, past Modřice and exit at Bratčice. Drive through the village and head towards Žabčice. Before reaching the end of Židlochovice, turn left. Go down the road that has a traffic sign that forbids entry. Look for the only building on the right. This is a new location so there is no house number nor street name. We made it with just 10 minutes to spare. Whew! But the important thing is that I got a 12,6 kg (27.7 lbs) bird for the second annual Brno Thanksgiving.

This is going to be another international Thanksgiving with 20 people from the U.S., Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, England, Romania and France. The housekeeper came yesterday so today I'm going to the market and will begin baking for tomorrow. We're getting a bit of snow so this will be my first ever White Thanksgiving.

BIG PROPS to Mom & Dad and Steven & Michael for the care packages from home. They've both gotten very good at packing as much as possible into these boxes.

In order to maximize space they remove the excess packaging, sometimes putting things in plastic freezer bags. For the dressing, they took the bags out of the boxes, wrote "stuffing" on the white bags and folded up a single box so that I would have the cooking instructions.

Now it's time for the market and then to start cooking. Wish me luck!!

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