Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tongue Twisters #1

I started Czech language lessons last week. I had classes last year but they just didn't work out. Claudia had a really good idea of putting up a flyer in the foreign language department at Masarykova Univerzita requesting a private instructor.

We found a tutor who is working on her Ph.D. in Czech to give us private lessons. Our classes are 90 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Lessons are even at my flat which is really convenient. I just hope now that with only two students in "the class", we can start making some real progress.

I'm really working to improve my pronunciation. But there are times when, I think I'll just break my tongue trying to pronounce certain words...especially the ones that don't have any vowels.

Here are a couple of Czech tongue twisters. They don't make much sense and it's not like these are sentences that I'll use every day. However, they are kind of fun. And look vowels!

This is also the first "movie" I created using MicroSoft Movie Maker so let me know what you think.

Strč prst skrz krk. Put your finger in your neck/throat.

Vlk zmrzl, prst zvlhl. Frozen wolf, wet finger.

Update 2022:  Here are a couple of more Czech tongue twisters.


  1. It's really admirable that you are trying to learn czech... Good luck :)


    Stejně tak je obdivuhodné, že se zajímáte o naší kulturu (stejně jako jiných zemí) a píšete sem o svátcích, co který znamená a podobně... i Čech (nebo Moravák) se tady může dozvědět něco nového :)

  2. there is a tiny typing error in your post - not "skry" but "skrz".
    I guess you made the mistake because you switch between czech and english keyboard very often, am I right?

  3. Thanks Honza. Yeah, you're right. The 'z' and the 'y' keys always mess me up when I switch keyboards. I fixed the error. Thanks again!