Friday, September 18, 2009

Hlavní nádraží

Hlavní nádraží is the main train station in Brno. It started operating in 1839 and is the oldest station in the Czech Republic.

This is also the main hub for the trams so if you get lost you know that you can at least always make it here.

The station has been going through renovations but I don't know how long they have been going on or how long they will last.

There used to be a second tower clock, on the right side, but it was destroyed in World War II. I'm told that there is a poll to vote if the second tower should be rebuilt. Not quite sure why they didn't rebuild it before...
There is also talk of building a new, larger station in 2010. However, given the economic situation in the world today who knows if that will happen?

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  1. I love learning about Brno through your blog. I know next to nothing about it and it's all fun stuff!