Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Králova řeč

Last night Natalie and I went to see Králova řec, The King's Speech, at the Mahen Theatre.  This is my favourite theatre in Brno.  It's simply gorgeous.

This was a milestone because it was my first actual play in Brno.  Every other show has either been a concert, an opera or a ballet.  

Králova řeč is based on the successful 2010 film about King George VI and his struggle to overcome his stutter.  The performance was excellent.  My first play, entirely in Czech...WOW!  Fortunately we both knew the story and Nat was able to read the English subtitles displayed above the stage.  

I did pretty well with only Czech.  I didn't understand everything but enough that I probably would have done alright even if I wasn't familiar with the theme.

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