Thursday, December 12, 2019

Czech Citizenship Exam: Health and Rescue System

Here are the 10 study questions for the Czech Citizenship exam from section 3: health and rescue system. 

1.  Mrs. Novotná sees a fire.  She wants to call the fire department.  Which of these phone numbers will she call?


2.  Which telephone number is for an ambulance?


3.  Mrs. Svobodová is not satisfied with her health insurance company.  How often can she change the health insurance company?

Once every 12 months.

4.  Mr. Svoboda is a citizen of the Czech Republic and goes to see a doctor.  Which document must he show at the doctor's office?

His insurance card - průkas pojištěnce  

5.  Which institution does not belong to the integrated rescue system?

The government of the Czech Republic is not part of the integrated rescue system.  The ambulance service, fire and rescue service, and police of the Czech Republic are part of the system.

6.  Which telephone number has a uniform rescue system (fire brigade, police, emergency medical service) throughout Europe?


7.  Which part of the rescue system has a telephone number of 150?

Fire and Rescue Service

8.  Mr. Novák saw a car accident.  He wants to call the Police of the Czech Republic.  Which phone number will he use?


9.  Mr. Novotný is a citizen of the Czech Republic, is unemployed and is registered at the employment office as a job seeker.  Who pays for his compulsory health insurance?

The state.

10.  Mr. Svoboda lost his health insurance company's insurance card.  How many days until he must report the loss to the health insurance company?

Within 8 days.

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