Saturday, December 21, 2019

Czech Citizenship Exam: Currency and Banking System

Here are the 10 study questions for the Czech Citizenship exam from section 12: Currency and Banking System.

1.  Which institution issues banknotes and coins in the Czech Republic?

Czech National Bank

2.  On this banknote is a well-known Czech writer - the author of the book Babička.  What is this woman's name?

Božena Němcová

3.  What is the currency of the Czech Republic called?

The Czech Crown.

4.  Mr. Svoboda wants to exchange Czech crowns for euros.  How many crowns will he pay for 1 euro at the current exchange rate?

Approximately CZK 26.

5.  What is the highest value of a valid Czech banknote?

5.000 Czech crowns.

6.  What is the lowest value of a valid Czech banknote?

100 Czech crowns.

7.  Mrs. Svobodová is buying a new car for 650,000 crowns.  She wants to pay in cash, but the seller cannot legally accept such a large sum of money.  What is the maximum amount of cash the seller can accept?

CZK 270.000

8.  Mrs. Nováková does not have a bank account and pays the rent to the landlord's account every month.  Which method of payment will she use to pay the rent?

A postal order.

9.  Mr. Svoboda wants to exchange Czech crowns for euros.  In the exchange office there is this board.

How many crowns will Mr. Svoboda pay for 100 euros?

2 600 Kč

10.  Which of the following situations describes a loan?

Mrs. Svobodová took out a mortgage at the bank.

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