Thursday, December 5, 2019 is the Česko-Slovenská filmová database - the Czech-Slovak film database.  It's basically the IMDb for Czech and Slovak speakers. 

ČSFD is an Internet database of films and television shows.  There is a social network aspect to it where fans contribute ratings and reviews.  There are more than 845.000 films in the database.

While there is more content on IMDb, I'm starting to use ČSFD a bit more.  Or at least I start off with ČSFD and use IMDb if I couldn't find what I was originally looking for.  There are some films on ČSFD that are not on IMDb and vice verse.  

ČSFD obviously has way more info on Czech and Slovak films and series.  It gives me the chance to see the Czech language movie trailers.  If it a trailer isn't in Czech then it's usually in English with Czech, or Slovak, subtitles.  

While IMDb went online in 1993, ČSFD began in 2002.

Sometimes the hardest bit is simply finding the name of a movie in another language because titles aren't always a direct translation.  Titles can differ due to specific cultural references or on how something may get marketed.

Taken in Czech is called 96 Hodin which translates to "96 hours".

The movie Bad Santa over here in Czechland is Santa je úchyl! which translates to "Santa is a pervert!"

Coming from Atlanta, where Margaret Mitchell wrote Gone With the Wind, I was surprised to find out that here it is known as Jih proti Severu which is "The South Against the North."

Sometimes the titles make more sense over here.  For example, the 2014 film about Alan Turing was called The Imitation Game in the USA.  Over here it was Kód Enigmy, "The Enigma Code" which to me made way more sense as the movie title. 

The translations aren't just a Czech thing.  I remember this one time that Claudia was telling me something about a movie in German called Schokolade zum Frühstück, "Chocolate for Breakfast."  

I had no idea what the hell movie she was talking about.  That's because in English it is known as Bridget Jones's Diary.

At least in Czech it is Deník Bridget Jonesové.

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