Sunday, June 5, 2022

A Natalie Visit

I got to see Natalie!!  Claudia and Tünde must be jealous that I got a visit from our favourite Kiwi.  

Nat has been back in Euroland since April as part of the Red Cross deployment to help with the flood of refugees from Russia's invasion of Ukraine.  She's been headquartered in Budapest but she's been helping in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, and Moldova.  We are so proud of her!

She arrived in Brno on Friday evening.  On Saturday we went to to breakfast and had a walk through the city and some cafe time.  On Saturday afternoon she headed to Vienna for a visit on her way back to Budapest.  It was a short visit but I'm so glad that I got to see her.

Я за Україну. Я за Україною. Слава Україні  Stojím za Ukrajinou!  I stand with Ukraine. 🇺🇦

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