Sunday, June 26, 2022

Moritzburg, Germany

Good morning Dresden

Claudia and I arrived in Dresden on Thursday evening.  On Friday morning we explored the city a bit and found a café for breakfast before we headed over to Moritzburg.  It's about a 30 minute bus ride from the main station but it was free thanks to my €9 ticket.  

Moritzburg is home to Prince Charming's castle from the film Popelka.  A Friday afternoon and how many people can say that they were at Prince Charming's castle?  I love living in Euroland. 

Claudia's parents brought Tünde down from Berlin after she got out of school.  The pension that Claudia booked us all at was the same place where her parents spent their honeymoon 45 years ago.  

At the castle, we had tickets to a performance of Popelka.  The start of the play was delayed due to a bit of rain but fortunately it cleared up enough for the show to go on.

After the show we went to dinner to celebrate Oma and Opa's anniversary.

On Sunday morning, they dropped me off at the train station for my trip back to Brno.  

This was my fourth trip to Germany in three weeks and my third weekend in a row.  I had to let Tünde know that I wasn't coming back next week.  Uncle Christopher wants to sleep in his own bed.

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