Friday, March 11, 2022

Baltic Trip Cancelled

Two weeks ago, on Friday afternoon, I was cleared to go back to work on Monday morning.  I must have overdone it because two days later the doctor put me back on sick leave.  Lots of coughing and all of my flu symptoms came back hard.

On Wednesday, they took x-rays and fortunately there's no infection.  Both my blood pressure and my oxygen level were both a little low.  The doctor was concerned that I might get phenomena and kept saying "at your age."  Oh, how I love the direct Czech approach.  Great health care but not the best bedside manner.  Ugh!

Perhaps they will release me to on Monday which means that Covid will have knocked me out for just over three weeks.  Technically, I'm supposed to work four days next week and then I have holiday.  I had a trip booked to the Baltics for 10 days but I've cancelled it.

I'm disappointed about not going back to Balticland.  I was supposed to start off in Riga, Latvia, where I planned to visit Jūrmala, which is a nearby beach resort.  Then up to Estonia to visit Narva which is right on the Russian border.  I didn't make it to Narva during my 2014 trip so this is the second time I'll miss it.  Then it was on to Klaipėda, Lithuania, before going back to Riga to catch my airBaltic flight home.

There are basically two reasons why I cancelled my trip.

  1. I am just too tired.  The thought of running around three countries right now doesn't sound anywhere as good as sleeping.
  2. If I tell my mother that I'm going to the Baltics, much less right on the Estonian-Russian border, then she will just worry.  Also, Klaipėda isn't very far from the Russian exclave Kaliningrad.    

I know that, unlike Ukraine, all three of the Baltic countries are members of the EU and NATO.  Putin would have to be crazy to attack the Baltic countries.  But, each were former Soviet republics so who knows if he is crazy enough to attack.  Who thought that he would actually invade Ukraine?

Instead of travelling, I'm go to have a Brno staycation.  I just plan to sleep and will try to watch something other than coverage of the war.

Я за Україну. Я за Україною. Слава Україні  Stojím za Ukrajinou!  I stand with Ukraine. 🇺🇦

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