Monday, January 17, 2022

My First PCR Test

So after our Korean BBQ adventure, a couple of people are ill, one tested positive for Covid and another tested positive on a home kit but later had a PCR test and the results were negative.  I feel fine.  Just to be on the safe side a went for my first Covid test on Sunday afternoon.

On Saturday I went online and booked an appointment at St. Anne's Hospital for a PCR test.  St. Anne's is in the city centre.  It was established in 1786 and is Brno's second-largest hospital.  Like Bohunice, it is a teaching hospital for the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University.

It was pretty easy to arrange the test online.  I showed up at the testing site, showed my ID card, my health insurance card, and my passport.  I was then called into a room where a nurse performed the test.  I was in and out in about 15 minutes.

Today, I received an SMS that my results were ready.  I received two e-mails that were each password protected.  I had to enter my Czech birth number to open them.  The first was my lab results saying that I tested negative.  

The second was my official medical health certificate showing my PCR test results that I can use to cross the border.  It is printed in three languages: Czech, English, and Ukrainian.

I felt fine but it was nice to get the official negative test result today.  I guess the booster shot worked.  No Omicron for me.

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