Sunday, June 27, 2021

Vaccine #2

I received my second Pfizer BioNTech vaccine yesterday morning.  Like last time I had a 10 am appointment at the Brno Exhibition Centre.  I had to show my health insurance card at the initial registration again.  This time the woman looked at my name and said that she thought that she knew me.  Kind of hard to tell I guess as we were both wearing masks.  I assumed that it must have been from IBM but then the mention of IBM triggered that she knew me from my blog.  I thanked her for reading the blog and went on to the next station to see the nurse.

The nurse verified my insurance information, took my temperature and told me that I had to get in a separate line for foreigners.  This was different from last time.  Six weeks ago there was just one line.  Of course the place was busier this time because more people were here.  Last time everyone was getting their first vaccine.  This time some people were here for their first vaccine and some were here for their second vaccine.  In the past six weeks the government has sorted out the administration of vaccines for foreigners here in Czechland who have self-paid health insurance.  This mostly applied for English teachers and the like who are technically independent contractors.  Now that these foreigners could finally get their first vaccine it meant that there were more now more foreigners here so I guess that was the reason for a Czech line and a foreigners line.  

So it was busier than last time but still very well organised.  From start to finish it took me about 45 minutes and I walked out with my stamped vaccination card.  I was given a weblink so that at home I could print out a digital vaccine card.  Kind of funny to print out a digital card but whatever.  The important thing is that now I'm fully vaccinated and I didn't have any side effects.  I'm sure that at some point I'll probably have to go for a booster shot.  Now how soon before I can travel somewhere?

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