Monday, May 17, 2021

Vaccine #1

So on Tuesday night I was able to register online for my vaccine even though Wednesday was the day that people 45+ were eligible.  My appointment was for 10 am out at the Brno Exhibition Centre. 

I arrived a little before 9:30 and I was able to register.  There was a control where I had to show my ID and my health insurance card.  I also had my temperature taken and had to fill out a short form.

I then had to wait in a small queue to be called to see a nurse.  The nurse needed to see my passport.  We were speaking Czech but as soon as she saw my American passport she immediately switched to English.  I had to answer a few simple questions and then she directed me to where I needed to actually get my shot.  As I was walking to where I needed to go she yelled out "anglicky" and I was immediately greeted and told what to do in English.  

Even though I failed my Czech exam I was still comfortable doing everything in Czech so I didn't need anyone to speak English.  For many of the foreigners here I'm sure that having volunteers speaking English would be very comforting.  

It's amazing just how much the city has changed in the past almost 12 years.  When I first arrived it wasn't so common for people to speak English.  Your ears would perk up if you overheard someone speaking English in the city.  Now, not so much.

Anyway, back to the story.  I was directed to take a seat and a few minutes later another nurse came by with a trolley.  I received the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine and I then had to wait 15 minutes.  I was then given my immunisation card showing that I received my first dose on 15.5., and I will get my second dose six weeks later on 26.6.  By 10:05 I was walking out of the building.  Everything was really well organised I was impressed by how smooth the entire process was.

I didn't have any real side effects to the vaccine.  On Sunday my arm was a little sore but nothing severe.  On Sunday evening I started to feel like I was beginning to come down with a cold.  I took some over-the-counter cold tablets and went to bed early.  This morning I woke up completely fine.  Now I just have to wait the six weeks until I get my second dose.

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